Produce Quiz

October Produce Quiz....Get Your Produce Knowledge On!

Answer correctly our 1st ever Produce Quiz and you will receive a fun gift from us.  Tell your sales rep. your answer, and if correct, next month we will announce your name and answer along with a picture and more in-depth description of the item in question.  Play and win, win, win!

I am a rather common fruit but I have been manipulated to the point I am a much different fruit altogether.  Once "soured" I become quite strongly flavored.  I taste sour, of course, and citrusy as well as smoky, earthy and musky with bitter accents that are mainly concentrated in the outer skin and little seeds.  I am used to add flavor and nuance to stews, soups, sauces, teas, fish dishes, lamb concoctions and spice mixes.  I am used most frequently in Middle Eastern cuisine and have been a part of the East's food culture for centuries.  I am hard to find but could be prepared easily by any interested food person, chef or layman.  It is a process, but well worth the long hours it takes to transform me into a most interesting, crowd pleasing, wow! factor as an addition to any dish.  What am I?