Produce Quiz

Congrats Executive Chef Michael Blackwell, for answering LIMDOO AMANI See details below

October Produce Quiz....Get Your Produce Knowledge On!

Answer correctly our 1st ever Produce Quiz and you will receive a fun gift from us.  Tell your sales rep. your answer, and if correct, we will announce your name and answer.  Play and win, win, win!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MIKE BLACKWELL, EXECUTIVE CHEF, SANTA BARBARA YACHT CLUB for anwsering correctly the question below!  LIMDO AMANI, AKA, NOOMI BASRA, BLACK LIME, DRY LIME, SPANISH LIME and a number of other Middle Eastern names.  The best and most efficient way to get this product is to prepare it oneself!  Added to any soup, stew or other concoction that requires a depth of intresting flavor, this unusual item could well be a topic of conversation at your next soiree.  Thanks, Michael for participating and Produce Available will be round to drop your gift to you.

I am a rather common fruit but I have been manipulated to the point I am a much different fruit altogether.  Once "soured" I become quite strongly flavored.  I taste sour, of course, and citrusy as well as smoky, earthy and musky with bitter accents that are mainly concentrated in the outer skin and little seeds.  I am used to add flavor and nuance to stews, soups, sauces, teas, fish dishes, lamb concoctions and spice mixes.  I am used most frequently in Middle Eastern cuisine and have been a part of the East's food culture for centuries.  I am hard to find but could be prepared easily by any interested food person, chef or layman.  It is a process, but well worth the long hours it takes to transform me into a most interesting, crowd pleasing, wow! factor as an addition to any dish.  What am I?

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