Specialty Products

Specialty Product

Produce Available not only sells produce from A to Z but we also sell other "Specialty Products" at your request.  Think seasonal Wild Mushrooms and Truffles along with special Cultivated Mushrooms, Dry Mushrooms, Truffle Oils, Salt, Peelings and in the Springtime we offer lots of seasonal, fresh, just foraged product that are shipped from the Pacific Northwest direct to our warehouse doors.

We also keep on hand loads of baby veg. that are available throughout the year from local Babe Farms where the mild Mediterranean climate of the coastal Santa Maria Valley allows Babe Farms to grow and harvest year round over 70 varieties of gourmet greens, a kaleidoscope of baby root vegetables, colorful baby cauliflower, baby romanesco, baby lettuces, signature salad blends and seasonal specialties.  A real one-stop shop farmers market of varietals that come from this unique local company.